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Holy Trinity Pastoral Unit Mass Times, Reconciliation and Ministry for Ordinary Time



Saturday Evening Anticipated Sunday Mass:  4:00pm St. Lawrence O'Toole 

Sunday 9:00am St. Theresa the Little Flower; 11:00am St. Peters

 Lenten Season:
Ash Wednesday
-St. Theresa the Little Flower - 9:00am 11:45am
-St. Peters - 7:00pm

Easter T
Holy Thursday- Mass Of The Lords Supper
7:30pm At St. Peter's Parish

Good Friday Liturgy- Passion Service
1:00pm At St. Theresa, The Little Flower
3:00pm At St. Peter's Parish

Easter Vigil - Mass Of The Resurrection Of Our Lord
8:00pm At St. Theresa, The Little Flower

Easter Sunday - Mass Of The Resurrection  Of Our Lord
9:00am At St. Peter's Parish
11:00am At St. Lawrence O'Toole Parish


Mondays 9:00am St. Theresa the Little Flower

Tuesdays 9:00am St. Peters

Thursdays 9:00am St. Theresa the Little Flower

Fridays 9:00am St. Peters

Saturday 9:00am St. Theresa the Little Flower


First Friday Mass: St. Peters 6:00pm



St. Theresa the Little Flower 9:00-10:00am (following mass)



St. Theresa the Little Flower before Saturday morning mass - 8:30am


Live Streaming

The 9:00am Sunday Mass will be Live Streamed.  Go to  



Pastoral Unit Contact Information

Pastor: Rev. Brian MacDougall

Pastoral Office:  Phone: 902 961-2265  Fax 902 961-3394


Address: PO Box 83, Morell, Prince Edward Island C0A 1S0