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A copy of this document should be retained for future reference.
DATED: June 22, 2020


The Directives of Worshipsafe focus on the safe opening of our Churches and the
participation of the faithful in the celebration of the Eucharist and other Sacraments and Rites of
the Catholic Church.
The practice of these directives provides no guarantee that viruses such as Covid 19 will not be
contracted. But they are the best and most practical measures to ensure the safety of our
Worshipsafe contains directives not guidelines. They shall be implemented in every Catholic
Parish Church and chapel. Parishes/Units shall implement these directives or remain closed to
public worship.
The obligation of Sunday observance is suspended in this Diocese of Charlottetown until further
Priests with compromised immune system or suffering symptoms of cold and flu shall not offer
Mass for the public. The parish church where he serves shall remain closed unless that Pastor
can find a substitute priest.
Physical distancing - Sanitizing - Registering
Public seating shall be restricted to every third pew. The two pews in front of and behind an
occupied pew shall be cordoned to prevent access.. This ensures a 6’foot distance both behind
and in front of parishioners. Families from the same household may sit together in a single pew.
Churches without pews using chairs or churches in which pews are aligned in an arc shall
devise a seating plan for the congregation to ensure social distancing,
No choir may gather in Church due to physical distancing. One cantor with instrumental
accompaniment may lead congregational singing and maintain a distance of 12’.
In Phase 3 of Renew PEI we read “Microphones should not be shared” . This is taken to mean
duets, and trios etc. speaking or singing simultaneously.
All songbooks, hymnals and missals shall be removed from the pews and entrance of the
After every ceremony, places of contact such as pews, door knobs, handles and washroom
facilities shall be sanitized. Note: the cordoned off pews need not be sanitized.
Handwashing and sanitizing areas shall be available in churches and church washrooms.
Signage shall be posted at the entrance to each Church indicating the requirements of physical
distancing, hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfection practices in the Church and respiratory
etiquette regarding coughing and sneezing.
Signage shall indicate that individuals with symptoms of Covid 19, such as fever, chills, cough,
shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose should not attend Mass. Priests with such
symptoms shall cancel Mass or find a substitute priest.
It is highly recommended to prop the entrance door open so that people do not have to touch
the doorknob or surface.
It is highly recommended that measures be taken to shorten the length of the Mass because
the time spent in proximity to other persons increases the risk of transmission; for example,
announcements can be kept brief or eliminated; cantors may delete verses of a song; select the
shorter versions of the readings if the option is presented; preach a brief homily; limit the
number of general intercessions and keep each brief.
Every parish/unit and chapel shall devise a method, to record the name and phone number of
one person per household in attendance at Mass. This record must include the number of
people attending from the household. This data shall be dated for each Mass and kept with
parish records for one month. At any time, the Public Health Office may request access to this
Ceremonial Adaptations
Altar servers shall remain 6’ apart in the sacristy and during Mass.
All personnel in the sacristy shall wash/sanitize their hands before Mass.
It is highly recommended that entrance and recessional processions enter from and return to
the sacristy directly. This avoids the occasion of gathering at the church entrance.
Entrance and recessional processions from the Church entrance to the Sanctuary shall be
planned so that servers, ministers and presider maintain 6’ distancing. Processions shall be
single file respecting the 6’distance. No gathering of ministers or of parishioners is permitted at
the Church entrance at any time.
For the presidential prayers, place the Roman Missal on the altar or on a stand at the chair.
Servers shall NOT hold the book for the Presiders. Servers shall NOT present the wine and
water or perform the Lavabo. The cruets are to be placed in proximity to the altar for access by
the Presider. Lavabo is done by the priest alone.
There shall be no water in the holy water font.
Children’s liturgy of the word shall be cancelled.
Crying rooms shall be closed or locked.
The Offertory Procession shall be omitted.
One or two secured containers shall be placed in the vestibule of the Church. These secured
containers shall be clearly signed inviting parishioners to deposit their Sunday offering
(donation),There shall be NO COLLECTION taken during the offertory.
After extending the Sign of Peace the Presider may invite parishioners to exchange a simple
nod of the head, a head bow.
A second corporal shall be placed on the far right corner of the altar. On it shall be placed a
ciborium (and if necessary a second for celiacs) filled with the bread for communicants. The
bread in the ciborium shall be covered with a lid or a pall. Before the words of Consecration the
lids or palls shall be removed and then returned after the words of consecration. This exercise
avoids having the Presider breathing or possibly coughing over the bread for communicants. .
The Priest’s corporal and paten with host are as usual.
Distribution of Holy Communion:
i) A single file of communicants to the sanctuary shall respect the 6’ distance
requirement and where possible their return to their pew should proceed by a
different aisle. It is highly recommended to mark the floor with tape at 6’ intervals
facilitating social distance for the file of communicants to and from the sanctuary. It
is highly recommended, where possible, to have communicants return by a
separate aisle. It is highly recommended to invite the faithful to proceed for
communion by sections if this allows the file of communicants to return by a
separate aisle.
ii) The priest shall wash/ disinfect his hands before and after distribution of communion.
This can be done at the credence table or other suitable space visible to the
congregation. This is in addition to washing his hands thoroughly before the Mass.
iii) Due to the higher risk of transmission there shall be no distribution on the tongue.
This is a temporary measure to reduce the risk of transmission.
iv) Before distribution, communicants shall be asked to remove their gloves and mask.
v) Before distribution communicants shall be asked to stop six feet in front of the priest
so that he may say “Body of Christ”. The communicant responds “Amen” and bows,
then steps forward to receive communion on the hand. It is highly recommended
that some demarcation be used to mark the floor indicating where to stop before
receiving communion.
vi) Holy Communion shall be placed at arm’s length (X2) onto the hand of the
vii) Those who present themselves or their child for a blessing may be blessed by the
priest when they stop to bow at a distance of 6’.
It is highly recommended to remind the congregation to maintain 6’ spacing as they leave
the Church and to avoid gathering at the back of the Church
It is highly recommended to avoid greeting parishioners before or after Sunday Mass as
this tends to gather people which would compromise physical distancing.
The Presider and other ministers shall NOT wear masks or gloves during the celebration of
Mass and must remain at least six feet distant from one another and the members of the




NEW - Gov. Health & Wellness Worship Service guidance  (May 29, 2020)

Here's the link to the newly published provincial guidelines, which require us to collect the names of those who attend our Masses  "...  "Organizers must record, at a minimum, the name and phone number of one person per household and the number of individuals from the household present. The organizers must keep these records for one (1) month for contact tracing purposes. ...":




Contact Holly at (902) 213-7514 now to reserve seats for Masses starting June 1 (there is a limit of Max. 15 people total / Mass)

 May 28, 2020

Holy Trinity Pastoral Unit Limited Opening for Daily Mass Beginning June 1, 2020

Directions for limited opening of churches for daily mass have been issued from the Diocese of Charlottetown, beginning June 1, 2020, after consultation and approval with the Public Health Officer.


A summary of the conditions is as follows:


  • This applies to weekday masses only at this point
  • Numbers are restricted to 15 people
  • Physical distance directives of 6 feet will be upheld during mass by creating separation in pews and by utilizing only every third pew.
  • Family groups (same household) would be able to sit together without this spacing requirement in the same pew
  • There will be no choir and no congressional singing. Only the cantor shall sing.
  • All hymnbooks and missals are removed from pews and there will be no holy water fonts in use.
  • During the mass, there will be no sign of peace, offertory procession or access to the crying room
  • After each mass, all places of contact will be sanitized
  • For those attending mass, there will be a notice posted at the church entrance explaining how to proceed to a pew and how the mass will proceed, including reception of communion. Markings and indications for seating will be in place to assist.

Clearly, this limited opening for mass will require some cooperation to manage attendance. More information on this will follow shortly.
Our decision to go ahead despite these limits is considered carefully and will allow at least some parishioners to attend and receive the Eucharist. It will also help us to prepare for further relaxation of restrictions down the road.
If anyone would like to support this by volunteering to assist with sanitizing or to offer to be a lector, please get in touch with the Parish Office at St. Theresa the Little Flower. Please don't use the facebook page to respond because it is only set up to live stream masses (which will continue, by the way).


Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops 


Dear members of Movements and Associations,

Time has ground to a halt – but the Spirit is moving!

Borders are closed, isolation is making itself felt, physical distancing is taking its toll even though we are finding ways to stay connected by various technologies and other media. Through this pandemic, humanity, surrounded by a shared suffering, has embarked on common quest for solutions that will spare people, especially those who are vulnerable on account of their health or employment. Every one of us is affected by the question, “Who are we?”.

Human beings, by virtue of their sense of responsibility, cannot but seek to control situations, and to use their knowledge to forecast what will happen.

The experience of Pentecost allowed the disciples to enter into an attitude of tremendous openness that allowed them to continue Jesus' mission throughout the whole world, with the Holy Spirit. The Upper Room was no longer a hiding place, and boldness took the place of fear. They say things will never be the same after Covid-19: the ways we have of being Church, our ways of thinking about the world, of living together... Ever since Pentecost, everything has shifted towards a future forever opened by Love and borne along by the Kingdom's abundance. Each one of us must labour to ensure that this future remains open. Enlightened by faith, the human experience of precariousness and fragility is an opportunity for each person to live the grace of listening and of self-abandonment, of healing and of discernment with the Spirit of God.

As was the case for the two disciples, the compass of a heart that is burning for God guides our hopeful gaze. Many initiatives and examples of willingness to help have revealed the greatness of caregivers and health-care workers. That too is Pentecost, releasing peace from its lockdown and breaking down the distances created by sin.

To all groups and associations borne along by enthusiasm for the mission, may we wish you joy and audacity in that post-Covid time where the Spirit will be at work creating and recreating!

Standing Committee for Relations with Movements and Associations Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops Pentecost 2020 



Novena to the Holy Spirit begins Fri May 22, 2020

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Pope Francis   Mar.27, 2020 

Pope Francis delivers an extraordinary blessing “To the City and to the World”  today to pray for an end to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.


  Fr. Brian MacDougall   Mar. 22, 2020

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"Priests without People" - The Catholic Thing



Streaming Prayer Options  March 20, 2020


If you are reading this you have everything you need to keep current in your faith during this challenging time.


First remember that every priest in the world is saying Mass for you and your intentions whether he says it publicly or in private. There are half a million priests around the world; that’s half a million altars and a constant gathering of the concerns of humanity to be offered in the perfect prayer of Jesus.


Lots of daily Masses are streamed and here are just a few links:


The Holy Father from the Vatican:


Salt & Light TV from Canada:


Bishop Robert Barron & Word on Fire Team from California:


EWTN from Alabama on You Tube:


On the Lord’s Day Mass will be broadcast on Eastlink Community Channels 10 & 610 from Holy Redeemer Church in Charlottetown at 9 AM PEI Time.


Also Mass from St. Mary’s Holy Family Church in Kensington will be Facebook Live at 9 AM and available to view any time anywhere people can access Facebook.


Mass from St. Pius X Parish in Charlottetown for the Fourth Sunday of Lent Facebook Live at 10:30 am Sunday on March 22. The link is:


Other types of Prayer are also easily accessed by the click of a mouse:


For the Holy Rosary I enjoy: One Hail Mary At A Time Kristin, A Young Working Mother of 7, invites guests and people at home to pray the Holy Rosary with her (Over 2,000 People Prayed with her yesterday when the Holy Father asked us all to pray the Rosary) Often there are babes in arms and toddlers milling about but hey that’s what Family Rosary is all about!


Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Spend quiet time before Our Lord


The Liturgy of the Hours as an app for you devices


Sacred Space Prayer in the St. Ignatius Style presented by the Jesuits of Ireland


 There are also tons of good content available on You Tube (Start with Bishop Fulton J. Sheen and see what popular communication of the faith looked like at the dawn of the screen age.)


Remember your local Parish Priest is only as far away as your phone. Give him a call just to shoot the breeze, ask for a blessing over the phone, share your concerns or what ever is on your mind.


[Also remember The Lord is even closer to you than your phone. ]


Pray On!